Join us on February 13, 2024, at 17:00 CET

PRIVÉ Digital Wallet - Getting it right with privacy and trust in Digital Identity Wallets

About Webinar

The EUDI Wallet will revolutionize how digital identity is handled in Europe. But how do we achieve broad adoption by users? Is privacy and trust important factors, and are they being considered adequately in the current EUDI architecture?

In response to these pressing issues, the PRIVÉ Project is delighted to announce a webinar on February 13, 2024. This event will showcase an innovative solution for digital identity wallets that not only emphasizes robust privacy-preserving mechanisms but also boasts a seamless integration with the eIDAS and GDPR frameworks, setting a new benchmark for digital identity solutions.

This webinar offers a unique, hands-on experience with the PRIVÉ Wallet, inviting attendees to engage directly with the technology through a real-life application scenario. We're inviting you to be a part of its evolution. Your feedback on the wallet's usability and insights into the factors influencing the adoption of EUDI wallets by European citizens will be invaluable. Join us to shape the future of digital identity in Europe—a future where your identity is secure, your privacy is respected, and your trust is earned.

Innovations at the Heart of PRIVÉ Wallet

Hardware-based Security: By leveraging hardware-based keys, PRIVÉ Wallet offers unparalleled security, binding your digital identity directly to your device. This innovative approach ensures that your verifiable credentials are uniquely yours, enhancing the trustworthiness of digital interactions.

Selective Disclosure: Embrace the power of privacy with PRIVÉ Wallet's selective disclosure capabilities. Share only what's necessary, preserving your privacy while maintaining the integrity and accessibility of your digital credentials.

Compliance and Alignment: Designed to align with emerging regulations and standards such as eIDAS and GDPR, PRIVÉ Wallet meets the highest levels of assurance required by eIDAS for digital services.

Our Schedule

The total duration of the webinar will be 1 hour and it will have two parts:


1. eIDAS 2.0 and the Key Role of PRIVÉ towards Elevating Trust Across the EU (10 minutes);

2. Unveiling the Key Innovations of our PRIVÉ Wallet solution towards enhanced Holder Privacy and Trust & Live Demo of PRIVÉ (15 minutes);

3. Trial Use Case Scenario Walkthrough (5 minutes);

4. Live PRIVÉ Wallet User Trial (20 minutes);

5. Quick Q/A Session (5 minutes);

6. Questionnaire Fill In (15 minutes);

7. Interactive Q/A Session;

  • 17:00 - 18:00 CET
  • Zoom Link to be disclosed to registered participants by 12/02

Speakers and Venues

Three Parallel Sessions:


Athens (Greece): Online

Heraklio (Greece): Bizrupt, Vikela 34-36

Online (worldwide): Zoom session (link will be sent only to registered participants)

How to Register

Registration is open to everyone! Participants to the webinar need to register in this page by clicking the "Ticket" icon beforehand, in order to receive the Zoom link to the webinar and also be able to attend the parallel physical meetings in Athens and Heraklion.

Registration Deadline: February 12, 2024, 12 P.M CET (anywhere on earth) Link to the online webinar will be sent by email to all registered participants by February 12, 2024

Why PRIVÉ Wallet?

User-Centric Design: At its core, PRIVÉ is giving a lot of emphasis on the adoption of digital wallets by citizens. We are inviting you to the first technology adoption study that has ever been done on mobile digital wallets! The results will give the community valuable insights on the design of EUDI wallets in the future.

Open Source and Interoperable: PRIVÉ’s open-source library can be plugged into any other digital identity wallet that follows the Self-Sovereign principles, in order to add selective disclosure and higher trust level guarantees.

Who is behind PRIVÉ?

The PRIVÉ project is developed by a consortium comprising two main organizations:

UBITECH: A leading research and technology organization specializing in software engineering, security, and information systems. UBITECH conducts cutting-edge research and develops innovative solutions in the areas of digital security, trusted computing, and privacy technologies. It plays a pivotal role in shaping next-generation digital services and infrastructure, with a strong focus on enhancing privacy, security, and interoperability within the digital ecosystem.

Homo Digitalis: A prominent civil society organization dedicated to protecting digital rights and promoting privacy. As the only organization of its kind in Greece, Homo Digitalis focuses on advocating for data protection, digital privacy, and the rights of individuals in the digital age. It provides expertise in legal analysis, compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR, and engages in public outreach and education on digital rights issues.

Together, these organizations combine technical innovation with legal and societal expertise to develop the PRIVÉ Wallet, aiming to enhance digital identity management in a privacy-preserving, secure, and user-centric manner.

PRIVÉ Project is supported by NGI TRUSTCHAIN